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Schick mir eine E-Mail (hirami @ oder eine PN mit der Liste der Sachen die du haben möchtest.

Please send me an E-Mail (hirami @ or a PM with a list of the goods you'd like to buy and the destination for shipping.


Überweisung auf Bankkonto oder Paypal (Paypal-Gebühren sind vom Käufer zu Tragen, falls die Überweisung mit Käuferschutz gewählt wird)

If you're from Europe, please use bank transfer. Paypal is available (If you send money through Paypal with Purchase Protection, I'll add the transaction fee to the total amount);
Payment from outside of EU: + 2 Euro (paypal fee)


Der Versand erfolgt aus Österreich. Eine persönliche Übergabe ist in Linz möglich. Ausserdem bin ich auf verschiedenen Conventions anzutreffen, wo ich die Sachen übergeben kann. In meinem Animexx-Steckbrief unter "Events" findest du die Conventions auf denen ich zugange bin. Reservierung bzw. Übergabe auf Convention nur nach Anzahlung, da ich die Sachen nicht umsonst auf eine Con mitschleppen möchte, falls jemand abspringt.
Sende mir eine Liste der Dinge die du haben möchtest, dann schaue ich wie hoch die Versandkosten sind.

Goods will be shipped from Austria (Europe). Please send me a list with the things you'd like to have & where you live and I'll tell you how much shipping costs.

Shipping Prices approximately: (unregistered)
(letter: 35 x 25 x 3 cm; parcel: up to 2 kg; oversized items will be more expensive.)
to Austria: letter 2,50 Euro / parcel 4,00 Euro
To Germany & EU: letter 5,50 Euro / parcel 9,90 Euro
Worldwide: letter 10,15 Euro / parcel 15-25 Euro


ebay ~ animexx ~ 1 ~ 2

Questions? Send me a message :)


Yu-Gi-Oh! | Super Sonico | League of Legends | Cosplay


All these items are original merchandise, imported from Japan. Some of them come with the original packing/box.
Because some items are very rare to get, the price alternates quite a bit.

Super Sonico

Super Sonico Set
6 Poster, 1 Figure, 1 xxl fabric poster [35 Euro]
Original Box included

Various other things

G1: Super Sonico Picture Book [4 Euro]
G2: Super Sonico Pictures/Mini Posters [5 Euro]

G3: Sword Art Online Doujinshi - Asuna x Kirito, Suguha x Kirito (R18) 12 pages [17 Euro]
G4: Sword Art Online Doujinshi - Asuna/Tentacle [17 Euro]
G5: Sword Art Online Doujinshi - Asuna x Kirito (full colored) (R18) 18 pages [23 Euro]

D1: Sword Art Online Poster [3 Euro]
D2: Battle Spirits (+ Poster) [1 Euro]
D3: Nagisa Hazuki + Rin Matsuoka (Free!) [10 Euro]
D4: Gin/Jin (Detective Conan) [1 Euro]
D5: Kirihara Akaya (Prince of Tennis) [3 Euro]
D6: Heiwajima Kasuka (Durarara!) [2 Euro]
D7: Pokemon CD + DVD (Intros/Endings; USED) [2 Euro]

Sword Art Online Pamphlet [8 Euro]

F1: Anli Pollicino; 2 signed Photos [2 Euro]
F2: Ace Attorney Cafe Coaster [1 Euro]
F3: Zillions of Enemy X Shiny Card [2 Euro]
F4: Dragon Ball Heroes Card [1 Euro]

To Heart TV Animation Artbook [5 Euro]

League of Legends

League of Legends Set 1 [45 Euro]
2 Lanyards, 1 Teemo Hat, 1 Glowing Wristband (red/blue), 2 Cheer Sticks (Worlds 2015), 5 Wristbands, 6 Stress Balls (Soraka Banana, Gangplank Orange, Teemo Shroom, Bard Meep, Gragas barrel, Jinx Chomper)
Original Merchandise by Riot Games (Gamescom/Worlds)

Baron & Tibbers Pillow [25 Euro]

League of Legends Figures (base was repainted to black)
Ahri: 10 Euro
Ezreal: 9 Euro
Amumu: 7 Euro
Annie: 8 Euro
Lulu: 8 Euro
Sona: 9 Euro
Complete Set: 35 Euro

League of Legends Keychains
L2 - L16: Metal Keychain [3 Euro each]
L17: Garen, Lulu, Teemo Set [4 Euro]
Complete Set: 40 Euro

Shugo Chara

currently reserved (Melanie)
1: Selfmade Shugo Chara Eggs [2 Euro]
2: Bag [4 Euro]
3: Keychain Rima [3 Euro]
4: Keychain Utau [4 Euro]
5: Keychain Amu [4 Euro]
6: Keychain Ran [2,50 Euro]
7: Ran (bad quality, probably bootleg) [0,50 Euro]
8: Amu [10 Euro]
9: Amu [10 Euro]
10: Ikuto [10 Euro]

(might take a little bit longer, goods are at my parent's house)

Prince of Tennis / Tenimyu / Related Stuff

Prince of Tennis Doujinshi Anthology (each approx. 1,5 cm thick)
1: Love Prince 8 [5 Euro]
2: Love Prince 4 [5 Euro]
3: Love Prince [5 Euro]
4: Love Prince [5 Euro]

Magazine (incl. Poster)
1: Neo Actor Vol. 8 2010 Winter
(with Sato Hisanori, Yanagishta Tomo, Uehara Takuya, Harukawa Kyosuke, Kato Kazuki,..) [4 Euro]
2: Neo Actor Vol. 9 2010 Spring
(with Kiriyama Renn, Suda Masaki, Takahashi Ryuki, Hashimoto Taito, Takiguchi Yukihiro, Sato Hisanori, Furukawa Yuta,..) [4 Euro]
3: Good Come Vol. 15 2010 Summer
(with D-Boys, Dram Live 7th, Pure Boys, Hamao Kyosuke, Sakamoto Shogo, 1st Cast Seigaku, 5th Cast Seigaku,..) [5 Euro]
4: Good Come Vol. 14 2010 Spring
(with Aiba Hiroki, Kato Kazuki, KuroMyu, Harukawa Kyosuke, Yuya Kido, Sasaki Yoshihide, Furukawa Yuta,..) [4 Euro]
5: Cast Prix Vol. 9 2010 incl. DVD
(with Hirofumi Araki, Kamen Rider, Sentai Goseiger, Kato Kazuki, Masataka Nakagauchi, Tenimyu Final Match Rikkai 2nd,..) [4 Euro]
6: Vision Hero Vol. 35 2010
(with Kamen Rider, Sentai Goseiger, Tenimyu Final Match Rikkai 2nd, Hisanori Sato, Takiguchi Yukihiro, Aiba Hiroki,..) [5 Euro]
7: Cool-up Vol. 27 2010/3
(with Hisanori Sato, Takiguchi Yukihiro, Harukawa Kyosuke, Furukawa Yuta, Sakamoto Shogo,..) [4 Euro]


Measurements are the following: height 170cm, bust 88, waist 70, hip 88; If you are interested in one of the costumes, just ask and I'll look up the measurements and details.

Ragnarok Online - Professor; origin: china; Photos
[20 Euro]

Ragnarok Online - Arch Bishop; origin: china; Photos
Zipper at the back needs to be exchanged.
[40 Euro]

League of Legends - Siren Cassiopeia; selfmade; Photos
Includes scale-skirt, Armor, Gloves, Helmet, Bodypaint; The scales are made of foam rubber, so they get bent or damaged easily.
[80 Euro]

League of Legends - Midnight Ahri; selfmade; Photos
Includes Costume, Tails (hanging) and corset for the tails. Sewn as a beginner, so the insides don't look too good. Message for details.
[40 Euro]

Yu-Gi-Oh! | Super Sonico | League of Legends | Cosplay