Japan Anime Live

Düsseldorf, 31.10.2010

It was so fuckin awesome~ <3

I'm to lazy to write about everything, but here are the most important details :3

PIKO rocked the house. <3 Such a great voice, female and male! And he's so cute, aww~ XD

Daisuke Asakura made us laugh with his german. Thanks for trying, bb XD "Seid ihr breiiiit~?" <3

the anime episodes were interesting, but very loud. Anyway, it was nice. :3

Naruto-part was better than I thought. I don't like Naruto, but the stunts those actors made were just awesome! And when Piko sang some popular Naruto-Songs the whole Hall clapped and jumped and shouted with him <3 and he looked so happy too =D

Burimyu was OH MY GOD HIRATAAAAA~ *faintslikewtf*

He looked so GREAT <3 waitwait. we need PICTURES:
Fotos by spinBen @ animexx

We (me and the other Tenimyu-freaks) first wanted to shout "Do your best~ HIRATA!" when he comes on Stage, but there was no good moment for it p.p but~ of course I jumpt around right in front of the stage like some other fans, and when he looked at me I did thumbs up and he did so too, awwr~ XD *makes a list* met Daisuke~Tezuka. Taisuke~Niou waved to me. Hirata~Kaidoh did thumbs up. hurrdurr.
Anyway, the Burimyu-Part was really great, even if I havent watched Burimyu/Bleach yet. Sweating Hirata. And OHMYGOD HIS SHOUT. *flails*

Next thing worth to mention was during the break. I went next to the stage with the letter I wrote for Hirata-san. There were 2 young japanese guys standing, and I stared right at them. I blinked, asked a girl next to me if, what the heck, is this Hirata? And she said yes. (I didn't recognize him immediately because he has brown hair now) but then he already went back behind the curtain. I called "Hirata-san!", but he didn't come back. q.q I waited for another few minutes, then asked another japanese, probably one of the staff, if he could give this letter to Hirata-san. So I waited for another few minutes. Two friends showed me that they brought cards to sign. I asked if one of them had a marker pen, one agreed and ran away to get it. So~ waited at the stage for another few minutes, when the japanese came back who I gave my letter to.

He told me to come behind the red~white~barrier~tape and wait in a hidden corner.
I was like wtf, totally nervous and shaking XD After a few seconds Hirata came out behind the curtain to the hidden corner where I waited and asked me if I have something to sign °_____°
I was so nervous, I didn't know what to say, or how to show him that I need to get a pencil XD Shook my hands around like a weird and totally failed x_x but I guess he understood that I wanted to go and get something. So I ran back, told the 2 girls they should give me their cards and the marker. Ran back to Hirata, first gave him the two cards. I trembled so much when I tried to unpack them XD He asked me for a name he should write on them, but I didn't know x_x so I was like err~ eeehm... sore wa nakama desu.. shiranai... and I wondered if I just said totally weird stuff XD Then I searched in my Backpack for the Supporters DVD 10 I brought with me. (<3) He was surprised and happy to see a Tenimyu-DVD =D like, oooh~ Tenimyu! Or something like that. And I said that I like Tenimyu XD (well hard to guess, I was in Seigaku~Fuji Cosplay. Duh.)
When he was finished signing, I wanted to ask if he liked germany [doitsu wa ii desu ka?] (oh god I could headdesk so much at my nervous~japanese XD) and he answered like tanoshii desu~ =D I also said something like Italia mo ganbatte~ and then he went away >o< But GOD I was HAPPY XD and shook like mad and felt like I just ran a marathon. wtf.

When Japan Anime Live ended, we still waited at the stage to maybe meet some actors. But no one came back, so we asked a random japanese staffmember, and she told us that we maybe would see them when they drive away with the bus, and wave to them. So, me, a friend and about 15 other fans waited behind the Hall XD I guess we stood there about 1 ~ 1,5 hours.. Finally the bus came out, and they were happy to see us =D the bus driver even turned on the light in the bus so we can see them XD Nearly everyone in the bus waved to us, and Rukia~Miki even waved with a Bleach~Plush she got from a fan :3 Me and one other girl ran behind the bus until they left the parking area, and they laughed and waved all the time <3 I guess they won't forget Germany that fast =D

Well.. and that was Japan Anime Live. If you still have the chance to watch it in Italy, DO IT! >O< It's really great.

Please come back next year *~* <3

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